FC Horner and flag with armed forces seals

Honoring Our Heroes

This page is reserved for memorials to our fallen and departed veterans. It is created to honor Naval Veteran Frank C. Horner, the first to have contributions made to MSVG in memory of a departed veteran.  What a wonderful way to remember your veteran loved one.

"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends",   John 15:13

We list contributors as well as the Veteran being honored.

★ Contrbutors in Memory of F.C. Horner, U.S. Navy
Ray & Jeanie Simmons
Ms. Deborah Maske
Kay Daniels & Daniel W. Powell

★Contributors in Memory of Federic A. Otterbeck, U.S. Army
Maryann Otterbeck
Denise Stanisci
Maryann Spina

★Contributors in Memory of William A. Vail, U.S. Army
Jean Vail

★Contributors in Memory of Charles L. McIntosh, M.D. Public Health Service, Vietnam
Deborah J. Barbour, M.D.