MSVG Co-Founders

Royce address the Maryland State Conference of the Daughters of the American Revolution

Royce Ball and Marion Gannon

"Born of an idea, the Mid Shore Veterans Group facilitated the fulfillment of a dream - and then became so much more."  R. Ball 2012

Marion Gannon - cofounder of MSVG

How We Got Started

The dream was to invite some recovering veterans at Bethesda Naval Hospital to Talbot County for a day of clay shooting at the Talbot Rod & Gun Club.  The dream belonged to Marion Gannon, a member of the gun club. He realized he would need some logistical help to make this a reality.

He recruited his friend, Royce Ball, to assist with the financial planning and fund raising.  They both knew they would have to find a way to collect donations  and place them into a 501(c)3 account.   It was of this realization that Marion and Royce co-founded the Mid Shore Recovering Veterans Group.

Working with the Mid-Shore Community Foundation, the group was organized as a component fund of a 501(c)(3) charity, and could now solicit funds from organizations such as the American Legion, VFW, and other public and private sector sources.  Having begun their fund raising efforts, it was on a cold day in March 2012, that a bus from Bethesda Naval Hospital arrived, transporting 10 recovering Veterans for a day of recreation.

When the event was over, Marion and Royce discovered they had funds left over and, more importantly, a desire to make this more than a one-time affair. In addition, here was an opportunity for Eastern Shore people to assist Eastern Shore Veterans!

MSVG's first annual claly shoot held March 7, 2012

Providing Non-Traditional Veteran Services to Those Who Have Served Us

a poster praising our veterans: You give so much, so often and yet you ask for nothing in return

MSVG is committed to assisting US Veterans who have served our country in any capacity, in any country, at any time.  Veterans need not have served overseas.  MSVG may also assist  Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard personnel.

The minimum qualifying requirement is a DD214 showing an honorable/medical discharge,  or a current military ID.  Depending on the service requested, the cost and logistical factors, other qualifiers may be requested.  We stress that we have the desire to fill all requests,  but also know that this is not always possible.  Our "guarantee" is that we make - NO PROMISES!

We  recognize that all US Veterans need to "recover" in some way during the transition back to civilian life,  and this recovery may be a life-long process.

To see if you qualify for assistance:

Call Royce : 443-995-5908 or Email Royce

Our Ongoing Vision

MSVG's ongoing vision is dynamic - We look to serve the needs of Veterans in any way that we can.  This may include providing wheelchairs and  handicap ramps,  to something as simple as toiletries and other small incidentals.  We may also be able to provide food, gas, transportation and other services to Veterans in dire need.

Additionally, we realize the importance of the entire family in the recovery process. MSVG  wants to include family members in many of the activities.  We have organized  family picnics and nature hikes -  family night at the movies, bowling and even a pizza night!

A family of six receives Christmas money and toys

To See if You Qualify for Assistance:

Call Royce : 443-995-5908 or email Royce