The first veteran to be assisted under MSVG, returns the favor by building a handicap ramp for the Veterans of American Legion Post 87 in Cambridge, MD. This took a lot of time and effort working through permits and other problems. The grass had grown over the old parking lot and he had to dig through the four inches of asphalt to set the posts!

Before the handicap ramp

From this

During the building of the handicap ramp

… to this

The completed handicap ramp

…and finally this!

Contributions to MSVG come in many forms. Precision Printing in Easton no longer had a use for a ramp. They donated it to MSVG. In turn, MSVG donated it to Bay Hundred Charities who took it in three parts and installed it for another needy Vet. It’s a team effort!

donated ramp to a needy veteran